Be different!

We all know weddings are pretty much the same whether they are celebrated in the US or in Australia.  People have the ceremony and then some sort of a celebration.  So how do you stand out of the sea of common weddings?  Some tips below might help you have The Event of the year that all your friends will be talking about for many months after the wedding.

Avoid Clichés, Do the Unexpected

Think outside the box and keep your guests on their toes by integrating new and original approaches to all aspects of your wedding. This includes everything from the type of food service you choose (plated courses, tasting menu portions, family style platters, food stations, etc.), to the music and entertainment choices and the flow of the evening. Who says your first dance has to happen as soon as you enter the reception?

Please the Palette

Opt for catering that’s more representative of you and your better half. Give wedding guests a real taste of you by incorporating some of your favorite dishes, family recipes and meals you love to cook as a couple. You’ll be surprised how many caterers and venues will be happy to get creative for you.

Surf for Inspiration

Take advantage of all the unique resources available online. To get your creative mood flowing, browse through some design and wedding blogs.  I always find great inspirations while browsing through Etsy site.

Pick Memorable Music

Music will evoke emotions and memories for everyone, so choose wisely. Think about how you want to feel and what mood you want to create because the options are endless. Rock, Pop, string and wind ensembles, Latin guitar trio… Music also provides a great transition between the timeline changes and toasts.

Include Guests in the Experience

Granted, your wedding is all about you (and your fiancee), but it’s nice to design and plan your wedding with the guest experience in mind. Provide a note with a complete itinerary for out of town guests, and include times and addresses for all applicable events. Perhaps even include some of your favorite places to visit and eat. This participatory atmosphere will make your wedding unforgettable.

A Late Night Treat

As the music winds down and the effects of three martinis have started to taper off, I realize it’s midnight and I am so hungry. What do you guys like to eat late night? Anything you love from the streets of NY (hot dogs?), or Paris (Crepes?), or Los Angeles (Tacos!)? A little late-night satisfaction will be a treat to your small group of friends who are in it for the long haul.

Floral Fantasies

Try to forget every cliché rose centerpiece you’ve seen and use interesting elements. Wildflowers, blossoming branches (when in season), fresh fruit (have you ever seen how stunning the inside of a kiwi is? So are pomegranates and blood oranges)… Let your creativity take over!

As always, hire a professional to design and orchestrate all these special touches for you!  Your investment will have a great value and will be paid off.

Julian Ribinik - May 4, 2011 - 9:34 am

Brilliant! I am sure many brides will find inspiration in your advice!

admin - May 4, 2011 - 9:35 am

Thank you, Julian!

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