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When it comes to making your wedding preparations, don’t forget that personal preparations that shouldn’t be left until the last minute. I’m talking about your bridal beauty regimen: hair, makeup, nails, skin care, and more. We all want to look our best on the big day, so I’ve put together a schedule for a few health and beauty treatments you may be considering.

1. Months in Advance: Hair and Makeup Appointments

I suggest scheduling a “trial run” of hair and makeup prior to the wedding day. The time frame to schedule a run-through depends on what type of stylist you are using. If you are using a hair and makeup artist at a hotel spa, I suggest waiting until about two months prior to the wedding; that way it is more likely that the person with whom you do the run-through will still be employed at the spa when your wedding day comes around. If you use someone with whom you have a personal relationship, do it shortly after choosing the gown and head piece. That way if you want to grow out your hair, you have the time to do so.  I always recommend looking through our vendors recommendations for makeup and hair.

2. Week(s) in Advance: Waxing and Facial Appointments

If it’s your first experience with waxing, the best thing to do would be to book an initial appointment about a month prior to the wedding. This will give your skin time to heal if you should encounter any irritation or sensitivity. Then book a second appointment two to three days prior to the wedding, particularly for any facial waxing, to freshen up your look, but still allowing time for any redness or swelling to dissipate.Pre-wedding skincare is important, to look and feel confident on your big day. In addition to staying hydrated and keeping your skin clean and moisturized, you may want to incorporate a facial or two into your pre-wedding skincare regimen. Schedule your facial the week before, but be sure to communicate with your esthetician and let her know about the upcoming wedding.

If you’re planning to schedule any treatments with more permanent results (such as dental whitening, Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, or chemical peels), be sure to meet with a qualified service provider well in advance of your wedding date for a consultation. While these procedures may yield positive and lasting results, it’s best not to leave them until the last minute, as they may require some healing time in order to produce the full desired result.

3. Days in Advance: Manicure and Pedicure Appointments

I suggest doing all nail appointments one to two days before the wedding, so that the polish is dry and completely hardened for the wedding day, but your nails still look fresh and chip-free. Keep in mind, if you’re going for a natural look on your wedding day, don’t forget to take your vitamins to help with strong, healthy nails!One last tip– don’t let the guys off the hook, brides! Remember, their hair, skin, and even nails (closeup shots of the rings) will be photographed just as much as yours, so don’t hesitate to pamper them as well!

(This image is from very latest Julian Ribinik Photography wedding of Andrea & Kevin.  You will see more of them shortly!)

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