Sorry for disappearance and thank you for being around :)

So I have been missing in action :))) It was definitely action starting the wedding season of 2012 and moving to a bigger apartment.  Now when I walk through the boxes (no, I have not had a chance to unpack everything yet and my 15 months old is not helping the process by putting stuff back into the boxes :))) I can actually sort everything out and through away whatever I have not used since our last move:)

What am I trying to say?  Wedding industry changed over the last year or two.  People still spend the money on their weddings, of course they do, but they spend it differently than people used to 5-10 years ago.  They splurge on nice intimate venues and great photographers and bands but they don’t waste it where it’s not that needed.  So I came across Mercy’s post and saw an excellent placecard idea that doesn’t require a ton of money and actually is very creative!

“Go to the nearest dollar store, raid the children’s section for plastic animals, and spray paint them all white…voila! Perfect for a rehearsal dinner or backyard wedding!” (C) Mercy New York

Image by Erik Ekroth Photography and Hatch Creative Studio


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