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Touchy subject :)

Few bloggers and fewer brides have dared broach the subject… because the mere thought of a sit-down with the soon-to-be MIL about the do’s and don’t’s of wedding day fashion makes even the boldest bride recoil. But let’s be honest. You want your mom and soon-to-be MIL looking a certain way at the wedding, just as […]

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Oscar night

Good morning, lovelies!!! I apologize for my short disappearance and hope you missed me :))) It’s Monday and I am back to blogging! So what did you think of the Oscar fashion night? I didn’t think much – there were very few dresses that caught my attention and were different.

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What’s your “motive”?

Have you ever experienced the luxury of wearing a foundation or powder that was matched specifically to YOUR skin?  Has anyone ever created a perfectly MATCHED powder, foundation or blush to suit all your unique skin care needs, color and tone? Not for most of us.. Until this past weekend, and for the last several years, […]

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Sparkly pleasures :)

This post was inspired by one of our clients who mentioned to me that for her upcoming wedding she wanted to add a sparkle to her outfit.  Not a jewelry sparkle that will take away from her already beautiful engagement ring but a sparkle that the photographer will be able to capture and that she […]

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Congrats, New York!

So I am not a big fan of sports (unless it’s skiing and I am a part of it :)) and definitely not a fan of American Football but hey, if New York is involved, I am in it Congratulations to the New York Giants on their win yesterday and hurray to New York for their Champions!!! Happy […]

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