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Happy Friday!  What do you think about these gorgeous pieces?  From Aire Barcelona collection.

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Questions Thursday

Good afternoon!!! For all of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year and many happy moments in the upcoming year! The question of the day:  We have our wedding on Saturday and debating whether to leave for our honeymoon on Sunday or on Monday? I would say – Monday!  You would want to have...

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Importance of GOOD vendors!

It’s your special day and you have planned and pre-planned everything to happen exactly how you want to!  The last thing you want to have is some unorganized or disoriented vendor who doesn’t know what to do and where to go.  The self-serving thing to say would be – Hire Event Remembered)) We will make...

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Invitation wording for same sex couples

This post comes from the Wedding Pro, Mark Kingsdorf of the Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.  With an increase in same-sex weddings (woohoo! go New York!), we’ve had some inquiries about wording for when you’ve got two brides or two grooms. So, below are some tips for same-sex couples on the best way to word...

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Happy Friday!

So this will be another rainy weekend)) Have a good drink and a tasty cake and catch up on some sleep!  

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