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Questions Thursday!

Good morning, Lovelies!  It’s Thursday and the question of the day is “can I have my wedding party wear black”? Why not!  First of all, it’s soooo New York!  And even if your wedding is not in NYC, keep it chic, there is nothing classier than a wedding party dressed in sophisticated black. Below is […]

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Grooms: Attire for Every Time, Place, and Formality

(taken from the Knot) Looking for the proper way to choose your wedding attire? Time, place, and formality are the driving forces behind the wedding suit. A Mountain Resort Formal, Winter, 5 p.m. Our pick: A black tuxedo, white shirt, vest, and bow tie is the quintessentially classic groom ensemble for a formal nighttime affair. […]

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Traditions around the globe

(Selected and taken from The Knot) The toasts. The bouquet toss. The dreaded Chicken Dance. These are rituals that, for better or worse, brides & grooms in the US can expect on their wedding day. But have you ever wondered what your wedding would be like if you weren’t American? Trust us, it would be […]

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What are the fashion rules of the wedding party these days? Between no rule (no apparent matching) to a strictly conservative (same color, same style) there has been a pretty nice variation where the wedding couple chooses the color of the party outfits and the party chooses their style. I think it’s an excellent and […]

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choosing your wedding party!

Good morning and Happy Monday, everybody!  I hope you had a great weekend and for many brides out there, another week of planning, planning, planning! If you are now deciding on your bridal party, this post is definitely for you!  Deciding on which friends and relatives to be in your wedding party is nerve-wracking. You’re […]

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