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Questions Thursdays!

“Dear Evgenia, I hope all is well.  I am currently trying to find ways to not spend a fortune on the flowers decorations but do not want the table look cheasy and cheep.  What would you suggest that can help me stay within my budget and make the reception look pretty?”  Samantha. Dear Samantha, Flowers […]

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Bling, bling!

If you’ve got loads of old jewellery laying around the house or love a good rummage through a vintage market for old brooches from times past this is definitely the type of wedding bouquet for you! This is THE style of today’s wedding bouquets!  Definitely something to keep and hopefully not to toss Images from Nicola Garrett […]

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One stop shop for all your wedding needs

I hope everyone is doing well and the hurricane did not cancel your plans!  I am so glad the city prepared for the worst and we did not have many problems.  I hope everyone is safe and doing great! I wanted to talk a little more on what Event Remembered services entail.  Not only we […]

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Hiring a wedding planner

Good Friday, darlings! I hope everyone has an exciting plan for this weekend and if not, hope you can catch up on your sleep and rest (I hope I can :)))  Came across a great article by Blush Printables, which makes gorgerous invitations and wanted to share it with you. Have a great weekend!

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Be different!

We all know weddings are pretty much the same whether they are celebrated in the US or in Australia.  People have the ceremony and then some sort of a celebration.  So how do you stand out of the sea of common weddings?  Some tips below might help you have The Event of the year that […]

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