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A guide to the best dress fitting

(Taken from Kleinfeld) The difference between “a dress” and “the dress” usually comes down to the custom nips and tucks done by a pro like wedding dress tailor Vera Skenderis. We picked her brain to get her best dress fitting tips and to set you on the right track. The biggest thing to remember: It’s not where to […]

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Stress-free planning

The excitement of a wedding day (a.k.a., preparing for your red carpet moment), can be overwhelming, especially when individual expectations and planning costs continue to escalate the further along you are in the planning process. With the average cost of weddings climbing three to five percent each year, it is no surprise that more couples […]

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Wedding facts

Do you know the exact meaning behind the phrase “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something blue?  (and a silver sixpence in her shoe)?”  Each “something” represents a unique wish for the couple, including… Continuity (Old) Optimism for the future (New) Borrowed happiness (Borrowed) Fidelity (Blue) Wealth or luck (Silver sixpence) Interesting isn’t it? You learn something new every day! […]

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Handling your guests without loosing your mind!

Everyone involved in a wedding has a part to play — and that includes the guests. And I’m not just talking about purchasing a gift! Although guests may seem to play a simple role in a wedding, they are famous for causing complications for the bride. Complication #1: You can’t get a final headcount. It’s […]

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Average Wedding Cost

I came across a very interesting site where you, depending on your geographical location, can figure out an estimate $$$ for a wedding.  This site,, shows that in NY (I entered a midtown zipcode) couples spend on average $37K on a wedding preparations and celebration.  The picture shows you a typical breakdown on costs and […]

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